September 2017 - Greenheck - MAC Mancooler   


Greenheck is excited to introduce the model MAC, a new line of competitively priced mancoolers. The MAC is designed to move high volumes of air at low velocities in commercial and industrial applications including warehouses, manufacturing facilities, loading docks, automotive shops, agriculture facilities, and educational facilities. Features include. Belt and direct drive configurations , 2-speed,115V/1 phase, 60 Hz, Performance capabilities range from 2,400 to 21,000 cfm, UL/cUL Listed to Standard 507.

Greenheck MAC 

April 2017 - Price - Venturi Valve    


The Price Venturi Valve offers BTL Listed BACnet native communications directly into your BMS. Featuring an on-board pressure transducer to allow for night setback and energy savings, along with integrated silencer and reheat options. Venturi valves are mechanically pressure independent control valves designed specifically for room pressure and fume hood control operations; with a speed of response of 1 second and turndown ratios in excess of 16:1, these valves will maximize energy savings and maintain a safe environment for any application.

Venturi Valve Cut Sheet

Healthcare Solutions

Laboratory Solutions

February 2017 - Greenheck - FumeJet Exhaust System    


The FumeJet® exhaust fan is a pre-engineered, centrifugal exhaust system designed to safely remove and disperse contaminated air in commercial, institutional or industrial applications.

FumeJet Exhaust Fan 

January 2017 - Price - ACBL-HE Active Chilled Beam  


The Linear High Efficiency Active Beam, ACBL-HE are high capacity active beams.  These units can handle high heating/cooling loads while simultaneously supplying fresh air to the occupied space.

ACB-HE Catalog

ACBLE-HE Options

December 2016 - Eaton - H-Max Series Drives    


The HMAX series of drives are designed to HVAC market requirements for fan, pump, and fluid control application. The patented energy savings algorithm, high short-circuit current rating and intuitive user interface provide customers an energy efficient, safe, and easy to use solution for your adjustable frequency drive needs.

H-Max Series Drives 

November 2016 - Price - FFU-HE    


Price High-Efficiency Fan Filter Units (FFU-HE) are the most energy efficient line of fan filter units (fan filter modules) on the market today. Designed specifically for use in cleanrooms, pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and laboratories, the FFU-HE delivers high volumes of HEPA (or ULPA) filtered air at low sound levels while reducing energy consumption by 15 to 50% versus comparable products. The integrated HEPA or ULPA filters provide ultra-clean air with a unidirectional vertical downward airflow pattern into the space. The integrated high efficiency motors are designed to overcome the static pressure of the filter, and are ideal for retrofit applications where the air handler is not able to provide the required static.

High-Efficiency Fan Filter Unit 

October 2016 - Ecco Manufacturing - Dynamic Air Diffuser    


Acting as both a diffuser and a ceiling fan, the Dynamic Air Diffuser requires no electricity – it uses the forced air from the operating HVAC units in the building instead. Airflow from the attached ductwork flows through the diffuser’s hub and out the engineered linear slots of the fan blades to produce its turning motion without electrical assistance. The aerodynamic blades create a smooth and effortless constant throw of mixed air in the conditioned space, keeping the occupants comfortable with an even temperature from head to toe.

Dynamic Air Diffuser 

September 2016 - Airius Air Pear Destratification Fans    


The Air Pear and Designer Series are energy efficient destratification fans, designed to continuously move a column of air to the floor for destratification and air circulation purposes. A typical installation includes a series of units mounted just below the ceiling, evenly spaced throughout a facility, working in concert to improve comfort and reduce HVAC energy consumption. Whether you’re heating or cooling a space, thermal equalization provides better thermal control, reduced HVAC runtime and reduced HVAC cycle frequency.

Air Pear Free Haning Fans 

August 2016 - Greenheck - Energy Core Ventilator (ECV)     


Greenheck’s MiniCore and ECV models are air-to-air energy recovery ventilators that utilize a total energy core to reduce your building’s heating and cooling loads on mechanical equipment. The MiniCore will provide your building with preconditioned, fresh outdoor air for indoor commercial applications ranging from 300-1,000 cfm. The model ECV is a solution available for indoor and outdoor commercial applications ranging from 500-3,300 cfm. Optional controls such as economizer bypass damper and BMS communication are also available on the ECV.

Energy Core Ventilator 

July 2016 - Accurex - Energy Recovery Hood     


Accurex Energy Recovery Hood utilizes patented integral heat exchangers in the hood filters which allow you to pre-heat your incoming cold water using the waste heat in your exhaust airstream.  The temperature differential at the filters also allows more grease to condense and be removed from the airstream as well.  This liquid cooled grease extraction technology allows you to reduce the amount of hood cleanings and saves you money for the life of the hood.

Energy Recovery Filter System 

June 2016 - Greenheck - Vektor-CS Lab Exhaust with VGN     


The Vektor®-CS with VGN technology recognizes changes in airflow and static pressure in an occupied space, causing the fan’s operation to adjust throughout the day based on demand. The Vektor-CS system is designed to reduce fan energy in demand based applications. The Vektor-CS is available in belt or direct drive. Both utilize fan housing design that allows safe and easy access to all drive components without entering into the contaminated exhaust airstream for maintenance. Vektor-CS systems have a wider installed footprint, distributing the weight load over a larger area.

Vektor-CS Lab Exhaust with VGN 

May 2016 - Price - Critical Control Room Pressure Monitor     


The Price Room Pressure Monitor (PM) is designed to provide intelligent room pressure monitoring of critical environments.  Using the latest in microcontroller and sensor technologies the PM can measure extremely small pressures and display the reading on the local LCD display.  The PM features visual and audible alarms signaling unsafe conditions with illuminating sidebars that provide 180 degree visual status from anywhere in the corridor.

Room Pressure Monitor

April 2016 - American Aldes - Zone Register Terminals    

American Aldes patented Zone Register Terminals (ZRT®) are designed to introduce flexibility and on-demand control to central ventilation systems.  Used in both large and small systems, the ZRT® is a combination grille; register box, control damper, and optional flow regulator(s).  This unique combination provides up to four different control schemes without the need for expensive pneumatic, electronic, or DDC control systems. By replacing static grilles in large central exhaust systems, the ZRT-1 model provides on-off control for on-demand ventilation.  This allows central fan downsizing and promotes energy savings by minimizing necessary fan horsepower and ventilation-induced heating and cooling loads on the building.

Zone Register Terminals (ZRT)

March 2016 - Monoxivent - Exhaust Hoods    

Monoxivent exhaust hoods are designed to collect and exhaust heat, moisture, dust, fumes, vapors, grease, oils, chips, particles, paint, or engine exhaust from industrial, manufacturing, and chemical processing applications.

Exhaust Hoods

February 2016 - USA Coil & Air - Hot water Duct Coils    

We have 66 different 1 row and 2 row Heating Coils. The coils can be used for hot water or low pressure steam applications. All coils are flanged for easy ductwork plenum installation.

Stock Hot Water Duct Coils

January 2016 - Fantech FG EC Series Inline Duct Fan     

Driven by EC technology, the fans now consume an average of 30% less energy than standard AC fans.  EC motors use intelligent technology with integral electronic controls to ensure energy savings no matter what the airflow demands. Reduced energy usage results in lower operating costs. The motors develop less heat so significantly less maintenance is needed and the lifetime for the motor is increased. Virtually airtight galvanized steel housing meet code requirements for both residential and commercial application.

FG-10 EC Fan

Noise Airtight Smoke Test by Fantech

December 2015 - Lindab - Gasketed Duct        

Complete line of spiral duct and fittings from 3"- 60" diameter and factory installed double-lipped self-sealing gasket on all fittings.  Fast and easy installation and adjust-ability fittings can be rotated 360° during installation. Lindab is GREEN no VOC off gassing and manufactured to strict published manufacturing tolerances. Mechanically formed seam lock prevents spiral seam slippage and built in accordance with 2005 SMACNA HVAC Duct Construction Standards for +10"wg.

Air Duct Systems - Dampers

November 2015 - Energy Recovery - ERCH       

The model ERCH combines the benefits of energy recovery and many combinations of supplemental heating and cooling.  This product is specifically designed to process 100% outdoor air to desired supply conditions.  Four housing sizes provide air flow capacities from 1,000 CFM to 10,000 CFM with external static pressure up to 1.75 in. wg.

Air Duct System - Standard Dampers

October 2015 - New Utility Set Fan Series      

The new Utility Set Fan (USF) Series offers multiple levels of construction to meet a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. Constructed from galvanized steel with a bolted frame, USF-200 utilizes a backward inclined centrifugal wheel and is ideal for Class I airflow and pressure applications where clean air is being exhausted. USF-200 capacities range from 50 to 13,700 cfm and up to 5.0 in. wg.  USF-300 is used in applications where a coating on the housing and in the airstream is required.  USF-300 has an increased performance range with capacities up to 54,000 cfm and 5.0 in. wg. USF-400 spans the gap between traditional utility sets and industrial blowers. Featuring painted steel construction and either a backward inclined or airfoil wheel, USF-400 is capable of Class II applications with capacities up to 69,000 cfm and 8.5 in. wg.

Centrifugal Fans - SWD, USF and CSW

September 2015 - Custom Flow Linear Diffuser     

Custom Flow is specially engineered to meet the stringent needs of applications that require engineered air performance and clean integration with architectural elements. Robust, extruded aluminum construction ensures that continuous runs are straight and true.

Custom Flow High Capacity Architectural Linear Diffuser

August 2015 - TWA Panel Systems    

Radiant panel ceiling systems are similar to other air-water HVAC systems with respect to the arrangement of its components. The important difference is that room thermal comfort is maintained primarily by radiant heat transfer instead of convective heat transfer (as is the case with tube and fin baseboard radiation).

TWA Panel Systems

July 2015 - Detroit Radiant Products    

The DR Series represents today's most popular line of gas-fired, infrared heaters. This unvented heater is commonly used in areas of high air filtration, high ceilings and spot heating applications. The DR Series offers exclusive design features, a proven history and variety of BTU and control options.

Detroit Radiant Products Company

June 2015 - Williams     

Williams is proud to carry a wide range of fan coils in a variety of options. Whether mounted on the wall or in the ceiling, we offer solutions for building projects of any size, from a small office complex to a luxurious resort.

Williams Fan Coils

April 2015 - AirMaid-V by Interzon   

The AirMaid V-series is designed for restaurants and industrial kitchens where odor reduction is very important. Ozone breaks down food odors in the air, while preventing grease accumulation in the grease ducts.  The AirMaid-V is nearly maintenance free and abides by NFPA 96 section 8.4 as a bleed air device in the grease exhaust duct. Maintenance costs can be greatly reduced, sweeping costs can be greatly reduced, and odor detection can be reduced if not eliminated. Certain restaurants in Europe are permitted to install heat exchangers in the grease duct where AirMaid is installed due to the drastic reduction and elimination of grease build-up. The AirMaid-V can save money in equipment, installation, and maintenance costs, while also reducing duct cleaning costs. Contact us today to learn more.


AirMaid Overview Video

AirMaid by Interzon PDF Brochure

March 2015 - Price FCHG Fan Coil     

The Price FCHG is a factory assembled, horizontal blow-through, high performance fan coil designed for concealed installations above a ceiling. The low noise, high capacity, and pressure capability make it a good choice for a variety of applications. The FCHG comes standard with a wide range of performance and construction features.  EC motors, double wall construction, and a fresh air inlet are also a few of the many factory options that are available to suit specific project requirements.

Price FCHG

February 2015 - Gripple Loop     

The Gripple loop is Ideal for looping around purlins, beams, roof trusses and other accessible building features.

Gripple Loop

January 2015 - Greenheck Vari-Green ECM Motor    

The Greenheck Vari-Green Motor blends technology, controllability and energy-efficiency into a low maintenance package that is changing the way the industry designs, specifies and operates air movement equipment.

Vari-Green Motor

December 2014 - Kelley High Volume Low Speed Fans   

The Entrematic WAVE airfoil style blade design produces a massive, cylindrical column of air that flows down to the floor and outward in all directions, creating horizontal floor jet that consistently circulates air in large spaces.  This "horizontal floor jet" pushes air a greater distance before it is pulled back vertically toward the blades. The greater the down flow, the greater the air circulation and resulting benefits. In the colder months, fans can be run in reverse to circulate the hot air trapped at ceiling level known as "destratification".

High Volume Low Speed Fans

November 2014 - Qmark - Washdown Unit Heater

The Washdown unit heater is build to your specifications in 2 weeks, and has a totally enclosed ball bearing motor epoxy coated for moisture and corrosion resistance.  The unit heater is protected against water and dust penetration and is in a 16 gauge 304 stainless steel cabinet that is more resistant to corrosion for loner life.  This unit has 14 gauge stainless steel wall/ceiling brackets to provide multiple options for mounting and is corrosion resistant, and has automatic resets thermal limit switch if temperature get too high.

QWD - Washdown Corrosion Resistant Unit Heaters