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Greenheck Centrifugal Fan Disassembly

Gripple Seismic provides a complete solution from our on-site engineering services, to Gripple Seismic Cable Bracing Systems, to vibration isolation products such as spring mounts, isolators, hangers and pads.

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Understanding Fan Efficiency Grades

Incorporated into the 2013 release of ASHRAE Standard 90.1, are new fan efficiency Grades (FEG) as defined in AMCA 205. However, selecting a fan with the highest FEG doesn't always result in the "best" fan selection. This Greenheck FEG paper will help to explain the new AMCA 205 metric, along with Greenheck's recommendations for selecting the "best" fan for the job. 

ASTM E477: A Common Loophole in Silencer Testing

   Calculation of Insertion Losses

Displacement Ventilation Diffuser Selection

Seismic Solutions for Fans

Terminal Units: How to Size Inlet Valves

Transfer Efficiency of Active Chilled Beams