Welcome to the Dorse University homepage! On this page you will find a table of contents of the videos we have available on our website, and a link to our channel on YouTube. We hope you find these resources helpful. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

We have two main categories for videos we create. Quick Tips are typically less than 3 minutes in length and offer suggestions on little features that can help you use CAPS or All-In-One more efficiently and effectively. Tutorials are videos that are typically 3 minutes or longer and offer assistance in how to select equipment, or use the software as a whole.

We also have a playlist on YouTube with videos from our manufacturers that you may find very helpful. The video embedded at the bottom of this page will play that playlist. You can also view the playlist on YouTube by clicking here.

View our YouTube channel: Dorse University YouTube Channel.

Quick Tips

  1. Customize Data Grid in CAPS - NEW!
  2. Emailing a CAPS file from CAPS - NEW!


  1. Grease Exhaust Fan Selection - NEW!
  2. eCAPS Introduction - NEW!

Recommended Videos Playlist